Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Safety / Security / Legal

We make electric aircraft that will make you want to upgrade.

Edison Aerospace

  • Auto-pilot computers certified for commercial use with multiple levels of hardware redundancy
  • Motor-battery isolation, ensuring that one battery or motor failure will not affect the other motors and will allow for a safe landing
  • Software-based failsafe protocols that force aircraft to return to base and loiter in case of link failure
  • Pilot is removed from the cockpit and flies the airplane from the safety of the Ground Control Station

Edison Aerospace

  • Multiple redundant control surface actuators
  • Pilot-in-the-loop design – certificated pilot has eyes on the controls from the ground station, ready to intervene in case of emergency
  • Autonomous operation to reduce operator fatigue that claims the lives of manned aircraft pilots
  • Data logging and live telemetry to help identify problems before they go from squawks to emergencies

Edison Aerospace

  • Remote redundant radio data links with encryption
  • One member of the ground crew is the designated visual observer to maintain VLOS operation
  • BVLOS certification will allow you to operate from a home airstrip and fly to spray remote fields (within short ferry range)
  • Aircraft will operate with Experimental airworthiness certificates and with Part 137 certification (process to secure this has begun)
  • Experimental airworthiness certification process includes safety inspections of the aircraft to ensure that the final approved design we manufacture for you will be the safest possible

Edison Aerospace is an American company applying modern technology to move Agriculture into the 21st Century by designing the first ever full-size electric aircraft to replace the older technology in use today.

Edison Aerospace is the first company in the world that will upgrade the airplanes used by spray operators to let them do a better job at a lower cost, while keeping them safe from the dangers they face daily. Edison provides a complete package that lets the operator work all day long using the Ground Control Station.