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launching Agriculture and US Defense industry into the 21st Century.


Save Agricultural pilot lives. Achieve military objectives with fewer losses.


Cut 50% operating costs compared to Ag aircraft. Accomplish mission objectives at lower cost.


Get more coverage by flying two spray aircraft non-stop. Create a novel force multiplier.

Edison Aerospace is an American company applying modern technology to move Agriculture and US Defense industry into the 21st Century.

Edison Aerospace has designed novel electric aircraft and watercraft for commercial and defense applications.

Our products include the Heavy1, Ground Control Station, UNCV, and several aerial defense vehicles.

Edison Aerospace is the first and only company in the world that will replace the airplanes used by spray operators to give them a tool that will let them do a better job at a lower cost, while keeping them safe from the dangers they face daily.

Edison provides a complete package that let’s the operator work all day long using the Ground Control Station. No other unmanned aviation company has set its sights on truly being a replacement for today's full-scale agricultural application aircraft.

Edison aircraft

Heavy 1

full-size spray aircraft

Heavy1 - features 200 gallon payload capacity, the first of its kind. This will mark the first time that a professional and certified pilot will be removed from the cockpit and cut operating costs by switching from a turbine to electric power. With a wingspan of 40’ and a MTOW of 3,000lbs, the Heavy1

Edison Aerospace Inc Heavy1 aerial application electric airplane full size unmanned crop sprayer

What is the Edison design philosophy?

We combine original design and off-the-shelf components to bring you a cost-effective solution to the mission at hand.

We use electric propulsion

We remove the pilot from the cockpit

The Ground Control Station

Edison Aerospace Inc ground control station solar panel array unfolded recharge airplane

Ground Control Station

Ground Control Station

The Edison Ground Control Station (patent pending) turns our Heavy1 aircraft into a complete aerial application package that will allow you to keep flying non-stop for extended periods of time, all day long and into the night.


Naval and AERIAL

Unmanned Naval combat vessel (UNCV)

Front line 1 ton cargo delivery aircraft .

Ground attack aircraft..

Anti-drone attack aircraft (ground-launched interceptor vehicle).

Anti aircraft decoy drone.

Mine detection aircraft to assist in EOD operations.

Edison Defense 1

Primary inventor - Gene Avakyan


26 years US Federal government, invention, and industry experience
US Federal Aviation Administration

US $13B in government contracts through architected systems

Currently consulting the FAA

Lead architect of all contract financial applications for City of Los Angeles’ City Attorney and Mayor’s office, all ports and airports

Received awards from City of Los Angeles’ City Attorney, Mayor’s office, and from Mosaic Federation

UCLA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering degree (‘Rocket scientist’) | Pepperdine University MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree

Our Partners

We thank our industry and educational institution partners!

Virginia Tech
NDSU - North Dakota State University
University of Central Florida
Aveo Engineering
Agrospar Machinery
t motor
AeroFleet One
Sprayer Specialties

From our CEO

Our goal is nothing less than to replace every single turbine and piston Ag spray aircraft with one of our electric models. Our spray operators and pilots deserve nothing less than to operate more profitable, cleaner, safer, and more efficient spray aircraft! It's about time they've been liberated from dependence on foreign oil as well!

Gene Avakyan

CEO, Edison Aerospace Inc


Gene Avakyan


Chief engineer, Aerospace Engineering and MBA degrees. Head of Edison Aerospace and hands-on designer and builder of the Edison product line.

Victoria Unikel


Celebrity and public persona, successful serial entrepreneur with global marketing and import experience. Head of 2 TV channels and 100+ publications with over 15M visitors per month.

Dr. Thomas De La Garza Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)


Decorated US Army officer and PhD with 28 years experience in multi domain and special operations. Most recently served as Air Domain Chief in NORAD Joint Operations Center.

David Golubchik


Investor relations and legal advisor. Partner in well-established Los Angeles legal practice.

Niko Parkhomenko

VP Business Development in Middle East & Africa

International businessman with successful financial background and extensive business development experience in Europe, Latin America, and USA.

Prof. Yong Hou


Materials research engineer at ND Institute of Energy Studies. Theoretical and applied domain expertise in energy storage and delivery systems.

Prof. William Devenport


R&D Director of VT Stability Wind Tunnel, Virginia Tech. Prof Devenport’s team will be retained at the Stage II test cycle for wind tunnel testing of airframe.

Prof. Leon Schumacher


Ph.D., NDSU Chair of Dept. of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering. Edison will work with Dr. Schumacher and his department to test aircraft spray performance and operation.

Asst Prof. Samik Bhattacharya


Ph.D., University of Central Florida - CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis of airframe.

Asst Prof. Michael Kinzel


University of Central Florida - FEA (finite element analysis) and CFD analysis of flight structures.

Renee Shelton


Commercialization Specialist, University of North Dakota. Key business development member of the extended team.



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