Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Edison Heavy1

Our first full-scale electric Ag spray aircraft

The Specs

40' wingspan
3,000 MTOW


200 gallons wet
1,600 lbs dry


STOL performance: 300' take-off run
90 kts operating speed / 1 hr endurance

See our virtual prototype fly

Edison Aerospace is the first company in the world to to design an electric unmanned aircraft to truly be able to replace full-scale turbine and piston aircraft working in aerial application. We did this to help the operators do a better job at a lower cost, while keeping them safe from the dangers they face daily.

Edison Aerospace Inc Heavy1 aerial application electric airplane full size unmanned crop sprayer

Heavy 1

We use electric motors

Using eight smaller electric motors instead of one large turbine means that we can design a more efficient aircraft by placing the props on the leading edge of the wing and forcing the flow of air over the wing, even at low airspeeds, increasing the wing's efficiency and lift generated.

Edison Aerospace Inc prototype Heavy1 design
Edison Aerospace Inc Heavy1 aerial application electric airplane full size unmanned crop sprayer


Lower costs, increase profits

The electric powertrain burns about about $15/hour in electricity, while a typical turbine will burn about 50 gallons of JetA per hour. $15 vs $250, just for fuel. Then there's the total cost of ownership comparison - our airplane is about 50% cheaper to operate per hour of tach time than a typical turbine-powered spray aircraft.

Ground Control Station

Work the fields all day and all night

The Ground Control Station is a Supercharger for the aircraft, using its on-board battery pack to quickly charge the aircraft while your ground crew loads it for the next flight. It is also your aircraft cockpit, mobile hangar, office, and repair shop, all in one unit.

Truck Edison Aerospace Inc field tundra tires STOL aircraft aerial application hangar ground control station
Edison Aerospace Inc ground control station remote control unit

The Cockpit


Your cockpit is your mobile 'office', a comfortable place to fly from. It includes all the controls you are used to - stick or yoke, rudder pedals, brake control, flaps, and throttles. With one member of your ground crew outside acting as observer and communicating with you over the radio, you are ready for take-off!

Ground Control Station


By moving you, the pilot, from the cockpit to the Ground Control Station, we give you a clean and stress-free environment to work from and keep you from the dangers of being in the cockpit. The reduction in workload on the pilot is considerable, and the improvement in safety is unquestionable.

Edison Aerospace Inc Ground control station solar panel array recharge airplane supercharger
Pilot Edison

The Complete Package

Aircraft, Ground Control Station, Pilot

For much less than the cost of a single turbine yellow airplane you could own two Edison aircraft and a Ground Control Station. This is the ideal combination for efficiently working more acreage per hour than you could with the alternatives.