Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ground Control Station

Ground Control Station

The Edison Ground Control Station (patent pending) turns our Heavy1 aircraft into a complete aerial application package that will allow you to keep flying non-stop for extended periods of time, all day long and into the night.

Edison Aerospace Inc ground control station remote control unit


Edison Aerospace Inc ground control station diagram solar panels generator truck battery hangar

Innovative Design

With a 400 kWh on-board battery and a quick-charger, you’ll be able to recharge battery on-board the aircraft while your ground crew is loading product on-board. If you purchase two of our aircraft and one ground control station, you will still pay far less than you would for a new yellow turbine, but you'll now be able to operate non-stop by keeping one plane in the air while the second is being charged and loaded, repeating the cycle every 15-25 minutes, depending on the flow rate being sprayed. For reference, spraying at 2.5gpa will allow for flight times of 15 minutes before a tank reload is needed.

Economy & Functionality

To keep the supercharger battery topped-off for as long as possible, the package will include solar panels on the trailer’s roof as well as free-standing panels (optional), a diesel 10kW generator for emergencies, shore power to feed from 110v or 220v AC lines, or even the dual HO alternators present on most 3/4ton+ pickups (about 6kW peak, also for emergencies only).

Software Integration

Inside the trailer you will find a hangar that fits two full-size aircraft with wings removed, a workshop/office, and the flight control station. The flight controls on board the trailer mirror those of a regular aircraft, including a yoke or stick, rudder pedals, brakes, flap controls, and throttles. The control station also includes monitors that show you exactly what you would see if you were sitting inside the aircraft’s cabin. We plan to offer a VR Goggle option in the near future after initial release as well. With goggles, you will have the opportunity to move your head and have a camera track your head movements from inside the aircraft to make looking around a smoother experience.


The trailer will have a weight of up to 10,000lbs and will be towed on a gooseneck (ball in bed) hitch by most medium duty trucks (3/4 ton +; please check your truck's manufacturer data to see if your vehicle is capable of towing this trailer.) We will offer the option of including a dedicated tow vehicle in a package with the Ground Control Station.

Edison Aerospace Inc mobile flight demonstration