Why switch from a turbine or piston spray aircraft to an Edison Heavy1 aUAV?


Our aircraft costs a fraction of the traditional spray aircraft and its operating costs are approximately 48% lower than the typical turbine or piston spray aircraft. Lower costs = higher profits + more competitive rates

Pilot Safety

Up to 10 pilots are killed annually in the US while flying spraying missions. We give you the option of flying safely and remotely, from a ground control station with controls that resemble actual aircraft controls or simply a laptop computer and some additional hardware.

Hopper Capacity

The Heavy1 carries a 200 gal hopper (wet/dry), allowing for coverage of 80 acres in 15 minutes (at 2.5 gpa) over the target. Spraying ULV rates yields coverage of 400 acres in 1 hr (at 0.5 gpa). The Heavy2 model will carry a 400+ gal hopper.

Fuel Savings

The US aerial application fleet burns about 125,000,000 gallons of Jet-A and 100LL fuel every year. We can stop this waste while putting more money into the operators' pockets. (That's what they call a win-win)

edison electric aircraft ag spray working over corn field

We do not believe in halfway measures and are committed to providing a real and meaningful option for spray operators. We want to give you, the operator/pilot, the choice to move beyond your current aircraft by replacing your fleet when it is most cost-effective to do so with one of our aircraft. Our lineup, with the exception of the Light model, are true replacements for full-size GA spray aircraft, and their specifications speak for themselves.

edison aerospace heavy1 aircraft - agricultural spray aviation

If you are a current spray operator in the US or anywhere in the world, please contact us to let us know about your particular situation and how Edison can offer you a better option. Our biggest selling points to the operators are the 48% reduction in operating costs, improved safety, and likely lower insurance rates for low-time operators. We are here to help you, the operator, so please get in touch and tell us how we can best accomplish this. Thank you and fly safe!

edison aero heavy1 aircraft - revolutionizing agricultural spray aviation


Span:36 ft / 11 m
Gross:3,000 lbs / 1,400 kg
Payload:1,600 lbs / 550 kg
Hopper:200 gal
Endurance:1.5 hr+ (20 min reserves)
Coverage:352 ac/hr, 142 ha/hr (70kts)


Span:55 ft / 16.8 m
Gross:6,500 lbs / 3,000 kg
Payload:3,300+ lbs / 1,500 kg
Hopper:400+ gal
Endurance:1.5 hr+ (20 min reserves)
Coverage:690 ac/ hr, 279 ha/hr (90kts)
Coverage rates are calculated based on predicted spray system performance at full boom width.
Performance specs are subject to change before final production vehicles are available for sale.


gene avakyan ceo edison aerospace agriculture aircraft

Gene Avakyan

CEO and Co-Founder

Chief engineer, Aerospace Engineering and MBA degrees. Head of Edison Aerospace and hands-on designer and builder of the Edison product line.

Victoria Unikel Edison Aerospace President aerial application aircraft

Victoria Unikel

President and Co-Founder

Head of marketing and supply chain management; celebrity and public persona. Extensive product import experience with China, including on-site negotiations in Chinese tech marketplace.

David Golubchik attorney counsel edison cover crop seeder

David Golubchik


Investor relations and legal advisor. Partner in well-established Los Angeles legal practice.

Dr Yong Hou Researcher professor Edison power systems

Prof. Yong Hou

Power Systems

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Renee Shelton Commercialization Specialist UND Grand Forks Edison Aerospace aUAV

Renee Shelton


Commercialization Specialist, University of North Dakota. Key business development member of the extended team.


If you are a farmer or spray operator, please contact us today to learn more about our safe and economical aircraft and how they can help you work better and make more money while also making you more competitive in the field.
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